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Portfolio review and mentorship have been absolutely imperative to my growth as a photographer!  When I first started my photography journey, online forums were the place to be.  I joined up in one of the most popular forums and absorbed everything I could.  I would take photos of my kids or pets and would excitedly post a handful on a new thread and then I’d sit there…and wait for professional photographers to rip my images to shreds.  It would KILL me to hear the things that were wrong.  Some days it made me feel like I had no business charging anyone for what I was giving them.  Most of the time, it made me absolutely determined to get better.

As I got better, this forum had various levels to apply for and to do so you needed to have a review of your best 30 images by a panel of “judges” who would decide if you should be in the professional level groups or not.  I remember working for hours and hours on my submission.  I was accepted and on the professional side there was so much more for me to learn about the business of photography as well as the art of it.  Those reviews truly made me the photographer I am today and I STILL seek critique and feedback from professionals, colleagues and judges (when I’m in print competition).  I take that feedback and use it to hone in on things I can still improve or even various avenues and creativity breakthroughs they may lead to.

Now that forums are not the norm anymore in terms of photography, I thought it might be helpful for me to offer portfolio reviews for any of you who would like some honest “no fluff” feedback on your work.  I will of course be covering what it is I like about your images (and there is always lots to love), but I will delve into what you can do to improve each image as well as on a broader scale to propel yourself and your business forward.

If you aren’t able to provide technically sound work and excellent customer service it will be very hard to be a successful photographer for very long.  If you have any questions before you sign up please email us anytime at info@sitstaylearn.net and we will be happy to answer them!

Ashleigh Wells Pet Photography

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