I wanted to share some tips here as well as over on our FACEBOOK PAGE.  My biggest tip for pet photographers who are just starting out is to get down, wayyyyy down.  You want to take most of your images from the pet’s level.  This is an angle that pet owners aren’t often looking at their pet from and one that shows them off in a unique way!  I find this also helps the pets to relax with you because you are making yourself smaller.  Some pets find our cameras intimidating, so to start with it in front of them, and on their level (or lower) is much less stressful than a person many times their size with their face hidden behind a big, black box towering over their head.  Once you have mastered this, then you can move on to taking more creative shots from different angles.

Getting low is not always comfortable.  Sometimes I lay in dog poop, or goose poop or cat poop…I lay in a lot of poop okay?!  Don’t judge me.  HAHA!  But in all seriousness you can lay down if you have to, but if you have physical limitations that prevent this there are many ways around that.  You can elevate the pet to a bench, retaining wall, log, rock etc. so you can crouch to make yourself lower, you can photograph them on stairs and stand on lower steps, or you can hold your camera low and shoot from the hip so to speak.

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